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Pisces - Zodica Perfumery
Pisces - Zodica Perfumery
Pisces - Zodica Perfumery
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Pisces 8ml Gift Set Twist & Spritz™ Zodiac Perfume

2/19 - 3/20

ScentScope™: Ethereal Pisces floats in a world where time is lost and dreams are lived. Her hauntingly creative expression of what could be brings the stars within her grasp. 

Tip: Apply to feet for a whispered, serene aura

Intention: Dream

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. 

Night's cold grasp of memories old
Awake to visions of daylight gold
Melt away all that is dead
Dream clouds charm the future ahead

Notes: Cyclamen, Bergamot, Neroli, Cucumber, Meyer Lemon, Pear, Violet, Vanilla, Musk. 

Made with Certified Organic Alcohol Derived from Grapes

Available in Blush Pink or Midnight Black. Rose Gold accents. Limited quantity available.  

8ML / .27oz